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ABBYY Digital Document Archiving

Optimize your business processes with digitally archived documents.



Over time important business documents, such as letters, contracts or project documentation, can reach significant volumes and take up precious and expensive storage space. Moreover manually searching for relevant data can consume untold amount of employees’ time. ABBYY Solution helps organizations to save on facility costs, reduce working hours and significantly speed up business processes by converting business documents into digital records that can be electronically archived, efficiently managed and easily accessed.

Benefits of using digitized documents


Efficient document management

Digitised and indexed documents can be exported to a Document Management System and automatically stored in the relevant digital libraries, where their usage is tracked, documented and managed.


Easy re-use of printed text

Originally printed content can be edited and re-used in Microsoft® Word or Excel® when it is turned into editable text. Conversion of paper documents into editable formats saves work spent on re-typing and re-creating documents.



Finding the right document – quickly and easily

Documents containing suitable keywords in the text or appropriate information in the meta data can be detected by electronic search systems and displayed within seconds. There is no tiring manual search for relevant information through each individual page.


Access to documents – at any time from any place

Digital documents can be electronically retrieved from a central repository at any time and quickly distributed by e-mail, replacing physical copying or time-consuming forwarding of printed copies.


Usage scenarios

Scanning service providers

  • Digitize mid- to high volumes of scanned documents (TIFF, JPEG) within short timeframes.
  • Trigger simultaneous document processing and PDF conversion processes for different customers on the same server.
  • Deliver searchable documents in a wide range formats and in more than 190 languages using intelligent recognition technologies from ABBYY.

Banks and insurers

  • Preserve all relevant documents in PDF or PDF/A format for long-term archiving and find them within seconds.
  • Transaction-related data can be made transparent and visible via powerful entity extraction features – enabling look-ups for money, time, organizations, locations and persons.

Law firms and legal departments

  • Store all case-related documents, contracts and faxes as searchable PDFs.
  • Quickly find documents and citations using tags and intelligent search.
  • Easily find key entities including persons, locations, organizations, time and money for e-discovery.

Other organizations

  • Streamline communications by digitizing incoming correspondence such as faxes and letters.
  • Recognize and convert construction plans and drawings for easy storage, sharing and updating.
  • Convert books, library collections and university archives to provide public access worldwide via the Web.
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