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Your data is critical and how you store, access, and protect that data is vital to the success of your organization. Check out our E-Series and BEAST product lines for highly reliable, dense, storage that is the workhorse of many of the world’s most demanding data centers.  Learn more about Unity hybrid storage which supports advanced block and file workloads and then adds the performance of NVMe All-Flash & Hybrid configurations to meet the growing needs for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments.  Assureon delivers a secure data vault ideal for ransomware protection, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files.


Nexsan makes storage products to solve business problems by first taking the time to understand the specifics of your particular workload and business environment.



Unity™ Combines Multi-Protocol Support, Enterprise-Class Security and Performance

Unity is a true unified solution that supports advanced block, file, and object workloads. Unity supports NVMe All-Flash & Hybrid configurations to meet performance requirements, and the high demand for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments. Unity also includes the secure archive client to optimize primary storage and utilize the Assureon for tamper-proof ransomware protection that meets regulatory compliance guidelines.

Click here to download the Nexsan Unity NV6000 Datasheet

Click here to download the Nexsan Unity NV 10000 Datasheet


E-Series P and E-Series F


High Density, Secure Storage

Nexsan E-Series P SAN storage solutions are ultra-dense and super-efficient, enabling you to shrink your storage footprint, save on power, and spend less time managing the system and more on improving your business. E-Series F delivers affordable all-flash arrays with QLC or TLC SSD drives.

Click here to download the Nexsan E-Series 18P Datasheet



High-Density Storage

The BEAST Elite storage platform delivers industry-leading reliability with enhanced performance. BEAST Elite is architected to support HDDs and the BEAST Elite F supports QLC NAND technology for an affordable all-flash array that accelerates access to extremely large datasets.

Click here to download the Nexsan BEAST Elite Datasheet

Assureon Data Vault


Secure Data Vault Storage

Nexsan Assureon is the most secure storage solution on the planet. It protects high-value data and meets any file integrity, security, privacy, and compliance requirement while reducing overall storage costs.

Click here to download the Nexsan Assureon Datasheet

Click here to download the Assureon Ransomware White Paper

Powerful Reporting and Auditing Capabilities

Early notification of potential issues means you can keep your system running smoothly and put out fires before they start. Monitor your system’s performance, gather detailed information regarding classification and recognition rates and view statistics per user, field, document type and average over user selectable time periods.

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